April 27, 2010

"Pack Your Bags" Contest Prize

Here it is at last; the prize for the winner of the "Pack Your Bags Contest". I know people usually like to see the prize ahead of time, but have been so busy hadn't gotten around to getting it...until now. Let's see what we have here for the lucky winner:

Overview of entire prize

Travel purse with scarf in tropical shades; thought it would be nice strolling along the beach or boardwalk (or wherever)

Pack of eco-friendly makeup brushes, easily packed in a suitcase or bag

Jessica Simpson wallet in bright colors (looked fun and summery to me)

Adorable leopard eye/sleep mask which can be frozen or heated

Two nail polishes, lip gloss and eyeshadow compact in cool pastel shades (don't know why I suddenly switched to pastels instead of tropical colors-oh, and there's a blush I forgot to photograph)

Elizabeth Arden Perfume, Bath and Body Wash, and Body Lotion set (the scent is light and makes me think of beaches)

And candy, because, well who doesn't like candy?

So let's see some entries! If you don't know how to enter, the rules are simple:

1. You must be a follower of my blog

2. Pick a destination you would love to travel to and submit one photo of an outfit you'd wear at that destination. Other details are optional, such as who you'd bring, what you'd do, etc. Submit photos to spilaczynski@gmail.com and include the words "contest" in the subject line.

3. Once I've received all entries, I'll post them and the readers will vote on whose outfit they like the best.

4. That's it! Winner will be notified by email and will have seven days to respond, if they don't, the prize will pass to the runner up.

I know there's a ton of fashionable ladies out there, so let's see your stuff!

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