September 20, 2011

Fountain of Youth

Dress/belt- vintage; Necklace- Forever 21; Shoes/sunglasses- Target

My MIL and I have been on a thrifting frenzy lately. This weekend consisted of us hitting up the local Salvation Army, another thrift store, and a flea market. The flea market was just like being back in Mexico- music playing, kids running about willy-nilly and people displaying their wares and shouting prices with ardent fervor... one lady kept yelling "ONE DOLLAR! ONE DOLLAR! ONE DOLLAR!" so many times I wanted to yell "SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP!", but I prudently held my tongue.

Afterward, we decided to do a photoshoot at this old fountain in town, which luckily was up and running again after being shut off for awhile. It's so nice having her to take my photos in other locations now- I hated having to take the same shots in my backyard or somewhere isolated because of the tripod; now all I have to do is set the camera for her and she can take them, so it's opened up a world of new locations to shoot at. We even drove around awhile scouting out possible settings and we came across quite a few good ones which I'm excited about.

But anyway, back to this shoot. I wore this leopard print vintage dress because it fit with the whole flea market- boho- summer vibe. It was actually going to be part of my store inventory, but I spotted a small tear in the side so I decided to keep it. Oh how unlucky I am. I just so happened to fit perfectly, and you all know how obsessed I am with leopard print. It must have been fate. This belt I'm wearing is pretty cool too; it's vintage and has these unusually heavy metal pieces on it. And dig the bag- how gorgeous is that elephant embellishment? I've been totally lucking out on finding awesome vintage pieces lately. Been stocking my store (as well as my closet, hehe) and can't wait to launch it! Also been preparing my wardrobe for winter, and I'm super excited about some kick-ass items I've accumulated, which will of course make their way onto this blog soon enough. Oh, and what is a photoshoot with a fountain if you're not gonna get in? People were looking at us like we were crazy, but man, did it cool us off good!