September 14, 2011

Flying Squirrel

floral top & crochet shorts
Top/shorts- Marshall's; Shoes/Hat- Target; Necklace- Forever 21

floral top & crochet shortsfloral top & crochet shortsfloral top & crochet shortsfloral top & crochet shortsfloral top & crochet shortsfloral top & crochet shortsfloral top & crochet shortsfloral top & crochet shortsfloral top & crochet shorts

My title refers to this top and the fact that when I spread my arms, it reminds me of a flying squirrel. Have you ever seen them? It's pretty entertaining watching them fly through the air all flat, kinda looking like they've been run over. But I digress.

First off, like the new layout? Not vastly changed, but I think it looks more streamlined and simple, but with a dash of color. Big thank you to my sis Liana for doing the work, I was too busy (read: lazy) to mess with it. Also, you'll notice a little bar at top the hides after a minute or so- that is a link to my Formspring. If you have any questions regarding styling, photography, or you want me to design a layout or header, etc. etc, feel free to ask me; I'll try to answer most questions in a post once a week so everyone can see the answer (only ones that don't contain any personal info from the asker, of course). Nothing's really too personal for me, so don't be shy or hold back!

Moving on. Today's pics are courtesy of my MIL Cindy, who is learning how to use a DSLR. Even though I set the camera for her, she did an amazing job making sure the focus was correct, composure was good, etc. Pretty good for her first time. I actually had a hard time picking photos to post because they all came out good. But I narrowed it down best that I could, lest you should think me vain. So I'm pretty ecstatic, because now it means I have someone I trust to take my pics in say, public places where I don't want to pull out a tripod. Plus, she started her own blog, Fifty Something, so if you love me you'll visit and follow her to show your support. My new blogging buddy is going to be fun- we'll be taking each others photos most of the time, which means new locations for me to shoot at, instead of my boring back yard.

If you missed the last post, it was a tutorial on taking your own self portraits, so if you've been wondering how I take mine, be sure to check it out! Also, I will be continually adding new tutorials (including editing) which you can find under the "photography tutorials" link at the top of the page.

Happy hump day!

ps. I totally forgot about the Missoni for Target launch- did anyone get anything? I'm anxious to check it out!

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