November 30, 2010

Seeing Spots

As if my leopard print obsession wasn't deep enough, H&M had to go and produce this green spotted beauty. I am so in love with this dress! It's flowy, comfortable perfection. I made a trip to H&M specifically to hunt this dress down, and thank the fashion gods, it was one of two left, and luckily this was the last one in a size 2. I'm telling you, it was meant to be. The downside is that it's actually too long for me, and the reason I can wear it now is because the baby bump and high heels shorten it, but once the bump is gone, I may have to have it shortened. And, knock on wood, I've managed to make it this far and still haven't fallen on my ass wearing these 6" heels.

I am so tired lately, I can't sleep anymore out of discomfort and impatience. Bear with me for the next month or so, as December is going to be hectic for me. My sister is coming to visit from Korea for a month with her daughter and nephew, and my twin Liana will be visiting with her bf and son as well. Needless to say, I'll have a full house and can hopefully squeeze in resting time. But I am looking forward to Christmas- can't wait to make gingerbread houses and watch A Christmas Story. What are you looking forward to?

Now off to rest and drink hot chocolate.