November 22, 2010

The Iceman Cometh

Blouse- H&M; Jacket- Sears; Beanie- Forever 21; Shoes- Dollhouse

Winter has definitely crept upon us. It was beyond freezing today, with colder temperatures soon to follow. Had to go run errands, so I wore my trusty beanie (my lazy way of covering hair that needs styling) and my leopard print top from H&M. So cute, but sheer and lightweight, definitely not winter material (not to mention the buttons kept popping open -my baby belly is at it's fullest capacity) so I got to finally wear my faux fur and faux leather jacket that I got from....Sears. Who woulda thought? I never shop there, but I happened to be getting something else there months ago and this was on sale for a mere $20, so who was I to pass on that awesome steal?

I'm a sucker for a great deal, which brings me to my boots. I've been eyeing this style of boots for quite some time (and shearling happens to be in right now) but couldn't seem to find the exact style I wanted, nor did I want to pay the high price tag that most seemed to come with. Enter Ross. Yes, Ross. I've bought some decent stuff from there before, but these shoes definitely trumps them all. Especially for $22. Seriously. The style is exactly what I've been looking for, and bonus, they are 5" high, which is rare that I find anything locally with a decent heel height (with the exception of stripper-esque platforms). And even more amazing, Mike actually LIKED them, not just noticed them, but actually admired them and even went so far as to rub the suede on them. Must be because of the work boot style.

Finally finishing up the baby's room, Thanksgiving is in a couple days, and I have a strong feeling the baby is going to make an appearance earlier than expected. Here's hoping, anyways. I'm utterly exhausted.