July 24, 2010

Give Me The Simple Life

This is one of my cheapest outfits. The shirt is an old tshirt I cut up, the shorts are from Marshall's and were on sale for $6 (and even though they have an elastic waistband, they are NOT maternity shorts)and my shoes were made by me for free from shoes and material I already owned. The most expensive thing I'm wearing is my necklace from Target, at a whopping $15. Even though I made my own shoes, I somehow managed to make them a tad too small, and the left one is smaller than the other. But hey, who am I to complain since they didn't cost me anything? I can sacrifice a few toes for that.

I tried to do a tutorial and take pics as I made the shoes. But my attention span only lasts so long, so I managed to only take pics of the first half. But I'll try to explain, for those wondering.

1. What you'll need is an old pair of wedges or heels you want to makeover.
2. A knife, scissors, anything sharp that you can squeeze between the sole and heel of the shoe.
3. Material to make the straps and ties. I used leftover scrap material which was a mix of cotton, polyester, and rayon. But jersey material or mesh or even chiffon would work fine.
4. Carefully pry the edges of the sole loose with your knife, scissors or whatever. Once you get it worked loose, you can probably just rip the rest of the sole off easily.
5. Cut off any remaining straps or loose material.
6. This is where I forgot to take pics: cut a strip of material for the toes; put your foot on the sole and wrap the material around the toes to measure. Hold in place and glue the back of the material to the bottom of the sole. I just used my glue gun, but you can use whatever adhesive you want that will stay.
7. Take a long strip of material (I measured it up to my shoulder) and place under the sole so that the ties on either side are even. Then glue in place on the bottom.
8. Place the sole on the wedge or heel remaining so that everything lines up again, then carefully and slowly glue the sole in place.
9. Repeat with other shoe, then put on feet and wrap the ties around your feet and tie in knot, either in front or back.

Sorry I don't have pics to go with the rest. It was late and I was just trying to get them done. Hope you can figure this out okay, I'd love to see if any of you make your own DIY shoes!

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