July 22, 2010

Along The Dusty Highway

Although I don't say it often, there are some advantages to being "vertically challenged" as I call it. I'm able to wear a lot of tops as dresses, whereas taller girls can't. Like this floral, ruffly top for instance. To me it wouldn't look the same paired with jeans. I did pair it with my combat boots though, to keep it from looking too "country". Since I don't like roller coasters, I don't feel I'm missing out on much being short...except maybe being able to reach into my kitchen cupboards. And that's where Mike comes in. Speaking of, he and his dad have decided that they want a boy instead of a girl. We find out next week. Keep your fingers crossed it's a girl. Mike got his boy last time, it's my turn for a girl. We'll just have to see what the Fates have decided. They never have liked me though.

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