July 15, 2010

Easy Come, Easy Go

Aden wants to be my new photographer

I damn near ate the whole thing- but I'm eating for two, so cut me some slack, lol

that's my sister, not me....I know someone will ask that

My sister and her son came to visit me yesterday. I love it when she visits, although as usual we ended up doing the same routine thing we always do when she visits, namely shop and eat. This time we hit the local thrift stores, where after inhaling the mustiness of clothing past, we left unsuccessful in our attempts. Funny, because I recently hit the Goodwill and consignment store the day previous and found several items. It seems I can only score finds when no one is around.

Today we had the idiotic notion of taking the kids to the park with Peanut. I don't know what we were thinking, what with the 102 degree weather and all. Thirty minutes later we left, thoroughly drenched in sweat with two cranky kids and a worn out puppy. Now they've gone home and I'm about to strip off my clothes, lie in bed and let the air conditioning work its magic.

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