July 17, 2010

Fringe Benefits

Yesterday Mike and I decided to go get some new tattoos. I was super stoked to get a new one on my forearm, and since it's really hard to get Mike going, I was even more excited that he so readily agreed since it was already almost 7 o'clock. Well, imagine my disappointment after getting to the place and being told that you can't get tattooed when pregnant. How come I didn't know this? Apparently Mike did and forgot to mention it. So now that's one more thing that I can't do for another four months. But in the meantime, I'm getting immortalized on Mike's arm, along with portraits of our pit bulls. I wonder if I should be offended that my picture is being included with the dogs? But seriously, it's looking awesome so far.

Since I can't do much else, I've been in a crafty, DIY mood. So I started this morning with shredding one of Mike's beloved Harley t shirts. He was not amused, but hey, it was in the name of fashion. And it didn't fit anymore. My outfit ended up looking like Pocahontas met Mad Max. Then I spent the next two or so hours in Michael's craft store. After deliberating for quite some time, I ended up leaving with nothing I had come for, and made several simple pieces I had no intention of making, ie. these feather earrings. But then again, I never do what I plan, which is why I usually never plan to begin with.

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