May 5, 2010

Like A Red, Red, Rose

This dress came to me on my birthday courtesy of my dear friends Kohl and Ashley. I absolutely adore the pinup look and I had to wear it now before I got too big for it. As it was, the tights were cutting off my circulation all day. And the unattractive shoes are due to the fact that I can no longer wear heels because they hurt my back. So far, I've gained a couple pounds, but my boobs have doubled in size. Wish I could get the boobs without the large belly, haha. Been trying hard not to eat everything in sight either, because I plan on still fitting into my clothing post-baby.

Lot of changes happening lately. If you recall in earlier posts I mentioned some difficult decisions I had to make. One of them was whether or not to stay at my job. Well, after much deliberation I have given my notice and next week will be my last at my current job. I have other opportunities available to me, and there were many factors to consider. Am I relieved? Yes. Am I going to miss it? Yes. But who knows what else is in store for me. I'm excited by the prospects the future holds. Que sera, sera (Whatever is to be, will be).

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