May 10, 2010

If Looks Could Kill....

...then Lily Cole would be a force to be reckoned with. She is one of my favorite models. Her looks are innocently sweet, yet cleverly seductive. She is versatile and can pull of any look, such as Gothic in a Vogue photo shoot with Marilyn Manson. I believe she could draw men in with her Lolita-esque presence, then go in for the kill. To which I'm sure there would be no complaints.

I do apologize for the amount of time that has been elapsing between posts lately. This last week or so has been especially wearing on me, and this is my final week at my job. In the process of recovering from an overnight shift, which was rough. But the highlight to my week and last (which was especially awful) is that I came home to not only a hand decorated vase made by my adorable son for Mother's Day, but also a brand new California King bed. Been needing a new bed for some time, as the last one was starting to cave in the middle (I blame the two 80lb pit bulls who slept with us) and was definitely not helping my back problems. Leave it to my wonderful husband to take care of getting a new one for me, not only because we needed one, but because he knew I'll need to get good rest during the pregnancy. Isn't he a sweetheart? Yeah, I think I'll keep him for awhile. Since the arrival of the new bed, I have spent every spare moment lounging lazily in bed reading and admiring the amount of space I have to sprawl out. Not that I need much, being all of 5', but it's nice to know I have the extra room if I want it :)

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