January 11, 2010

starting anew

So I decided to start another blog because my other one was not going in the direction I had pictured. So here's hoping that this one will turn out better. 2009 went by in a blur and I'm hoping that 2010 will be a year to remember. Hopefully, I will get around to actually completing my New Year's Resolutions (getting in shape, quitting smoking, etc. etc, the same thing every year)and I will be concentrating on this blog as much as I can. That saying, this post will be short because I will be going to work in a couple hours and need to get some rest. I know you're thinking, what? Going to work? It's 8:34 pm, but yep, I'm going into work at midnight. Man, if I had only known that the hours would be so crazy, I never would've signed up for the job. Then again, I probably would anyhow.So stay tuned, I'll be back to post some more and am planning on posting some outfits as well. Have a good night everyone!