January 20, 2010

Nice to hear

Yesterday I had the nicest compliment. I work at Forever 21 (Visual Merchandiser extraordinaire) and there was an older gentleman who came into the store and was walking past me with a co-worker. As he walked by, he said "I've been looking for you everywhere" which I thought was a little weird and honestly kinda creepy. Turns out, his daughters come into the store all the time and see me there, and they sent him in there to find me because they wanted him to buy them clothes and they wanted me to pick them out because they love the way I dress. That was so flattering to me! It really goes to show that people notice what you are wearing whether you know it or not. Luckily, I was dressed cute too when he came in....it would have been embarrassing if he had come in and I was in just a plain shirt and jeans or something like that. It made me feel so good!