January 24, 2010

February Giveaway

I would like to do a giveaway for February, but would like to wait until I reach at least 50 followers. So join up, pass this link along: http://beneaththeglass.blogspot.com/, add me to your blogrolls, etc. Please don't feel pressured to do so, this is simply something fun I want to do for my readers, but since I have so few I feel it would be more fair if I acquired more first. Also, please comment back with suggestions on what you would like to receive as a giveaway. It could be a gift card, magazine subscription, etc. I will review them before I make my final decision on what to give, but any comments are welcome. As my blog expands I would like to do more giveaways, contests, polls and so on, but in order to do so I need more followers. Thanks for your support, I truly appreciate your comments, suggestions and questions. I do this simply because I love it and without you guys I would be just doing it for myself which isn't as fun :)

*giveaways and contests are sponsored solely by me. any gifts or prizes are purchased by me. i don't receive reimbursements or endorse any kind of products. this is simply for enjoyment!