January 28, 2010

The Big Reveal

Earlier on my blog I did a post wherein I described the latest trends for Spring 2010. One of them was called "The Big Reveal" (style.com) and is a lingerie inspired concept. This is my everyday take on the look. The blouse is actually a pajama top I found at a thrift store awhile back. Since I had to wear it to work, I wore a cami underneath, but if it wasn't for work it could be worn with just a bra underneath, letting the stomach part remain sheer. This is how you can make runway pieces work for everyday life, mixing it with other pieces so it is suitable to wear in public. Unless of course you can get away with the straight-off-the-runway look (which I can't, lol). I paired it with my faux leather leggings and ankle boots to give it an edge. I love this top, it's comfortable and has a sweet, romantic feel to it.

The last pics are from work. For some reason we have a huge underwater theme painted on the wall, hence the giant octopus lurking above our heads. :)