July 9, 2012

Born Free

I'm baaaack!! I know, another long, unexplained absence. I swear, there's been so much crap happening this year for some reason. Every time things calm down, the shit hits the fan again, ugh. This time around it was Lia getting a massive ear infection, resulting in numerous (like, 8 at least) swollen lymph nodes all over her head and neck, followed by an allergic reaction to her antibiotics, culminating in a severe body rash. Poor girl was NOT happy. But she's all better now, thankfully. We also just got back from L.A. (ok, that's a lie, been back for about a week now) where we went to attend the Born Free motorcycle show as vendors. I had an awesome time, but it was a long amount of driving, being out in the sun, hotel rooms and we also lost two trailer tires on the way home. But I had a blast!! I was also incredibly drained of energy from lack of sleep and too much sun. The pics below pretty much sum up how I felt- lazy and lethargic. Excuse all the odd faces I'm making, apparently I get loopy in the sun.

There was an insane amount of cool bikes there, but this one stood out as one of the best to me; I am obsessed with anything Egyptian. I also posted this on Instagram, and oddly enough, the owner found me on there. What a small world.

One of the best parts of the show was that I finally got to meet my friends (and fellow bloggers) Selena (The Siren of Mod) and Isabel (I Fly A Starship) in person. They are just as rad and friendly and stylish as they are on their blogs. Unfortunately, due to the exhaustion and heat, I was pretty much zombified the whole time, so I doubt I impressed them much with my wit and personality, boooo.... but it was great nonetheless. And apparently when you get three girls together taking photos, guys take that as an invitation to leer at you and ask to take your picture. Seriously, there were at least three different guys (one at least in his 60's) who wanted to take our photo. Ummm.... no thanks. Now if they there were genuinely into fashion, that would've been different (maybe), but yeah....it was clear these guys wanted them for their personal enjoyment, no doubt to ogle over later with their buddies and a six pack of Natural Ice. Sorry dudes, we're not really the "please take my pics and post them to your Facebook so your all your friends can make lewd comments and make us feel like we're sooo attractive!" type.

Blog posing 101: don't smile and act like you don't give a shit. Would've been more convincing had we not been cracking up