July 26, 2012

Orange You Glad

Excuse the lame title, coming up with creative and descriptive titles is not exactly my forte. Actually, I tend to always have titles pop into my head randomly, as well as topics I want to discuss, but when I finally get around to creating posts, my mind is as empty as my cookie jar . . . . forcing me to get a whole new box of cookies and start over again. I told Mike that I'm on the hunt for the perfect chocolate chip cookie- crisp around the edges, but gooey and chocolatey on the inside. Mmmm, cookies.

What was I talking about again?

Moving on . . . . can there be any more things going on or coming up lately? she says in her best impression of an exasperated Chandler Bing. Seriously, though, poor Lia's been run through the gauntlet lately- first she had a pretty bad ear infection, then her antibiotics caused an allergic reaction, and she's now just getting over a yeast infection AND impetigo, which occurred simultaneously. Apparently she's been blessed with her mother's inherent capacity to draw crap to her like flies to a pile of, well, crap. Fingers crossed nothing else happens to her for awhile. A month, at the very least- that would be something.

I've got two birthdays to plan for (my son and my BFF) and at least two weddings to attend, one of which I'm doing the hair/makeup for the bride. My house is in shambles and could desperately use a good cleaning throughout. Actually, a complete renovation would be better, but unfortunately I'm not made of money. Just sugar and spice. I also have at the moment, approximately 5,000 emails to sort through from three different emails. Most of it's junk, but still . . . . it's going to take awhile to go through. So fun it's like money in your pocket!

Last, but not least, scope out these insane harem pants Sheinside sent to me. Are they too cool or what? Super comfortable as well, always a must for me. But, I'm not gonna lie- I had the WORST time trying to style them I don't know why either; I had planned some ideas in advance, but when I went to try them on, nothing seemed to mesh well with them. It took me hours of tearing apart my room trying to figure something out, but at the very last second, I just grabbed the vest and shoes and away I went. All my outfits turn out that way it seems. Guess I'm better off when I don't think, strange as it sounds. Anyhoo, if you're not familiar with Sheinside, they're an online store and have an awesome variety of different clothing, shoes and accessories at a decent price point. They constantly have new merchandise and sales going on, so give them a visit. You'll thank me later. They also gifted me a metal collar necklace I was going to buy, which was extremely nice of them. Check out their site here and the pants here.

Enough shenanigans. Catch ya later!

(p.s. the crappy photo quality is due to me not taking them until almost 8pm. I had a hell of a time trying to make them usable. That should teach me to procrastinate . . . . although it probably won't.)

I'm wearing:
pants- Sheinside
vest- thrifted
shoes- Surface to Air
jewelry- misc. 
belt- vintage