June 9, 2012

Crash and Burn

Are you guys sick yet of my sporadic posting? I swear, every time I make a goal to be a better blogger, something always happens to prevent me from doing so. See, now that's why I never set goals. . . 

Okay, so to quell your curiosities as to what I've been up to (because I know I'm just SO fascinating that you all can't help but wonder, right?) I'm going to do a quick bullet point list in order to keep it brief:
  • I've been working at our retail store more often, so I haven't been able to post as often as I'd like
  • The sweltering heat has turned me into a lazy, lethargic bum (more than usual) and I haven't been able to muster up the energy (nor inspiration) to put any thought into some sort of cohesive outfit- my looks as of lately consist of cutoffs, boots and usually one of Mike's tees. . . . when I'm not in pj's.
  • My other main reason for the lack of updates is because I've been spending more time working on myself- as you may be aware, I suffer from depression and ADD and have random episodes which occur out of the blue. When that happens I have to take a break and reflect on my life and what changes I need to make. I'm also adjusting to some new medication, which has been somewhat inconsistent at times, so for the past week or some I've been fluctuating between crying, depression and being a bitch. However, it hasn't been all bad- I've been getting my thoughts out in a journal, something I've always been bad at, and trying to eat healthier and more often and drink way more water (up to 1-2 liters a day, yay me!), so things are looking up somewhat. This year just seemed to bring a lot of bad stuff all at once and it's just been a struggle dealing with the mountain of stressed it's caused.
  • I have a new refrigerator! Actually, we couldn't really afford one, but we had no choice because ours crapped out on us. Apparently, fridges made in the 50's can only last so long. Our new one is awesome- and huge. We could fit a body in it. And it's so high tech looking - I wasn't sure if it was for food or cryogenic freezing.
So, that about sums up my recent disappearance. On to the outfit.

Crash and Burn sent me a gift package containing these shorts, an awesome top (saving for another post), stickers, and their latest lookbook. These shorts are perrrrfect for summer! First off, love the design of course, but they're also super duper comfy and lightweight (with pocket, love anything with pockets) and so easy to throw on with anything, which is a bonus since I usually don't have time to think out my outfits. Case in point, this sweater I'm wearing (thrifted) is also so perfectly slouchy and comfy, but why am I wearing a sweater in the summertime? Well, the weather's been sporadic (it actually rained a week ago, what's that about???) and I'm always cold at random times and happened to be so on this day. Bad mistake. After being outside for 5 minutes I was dripping in sweat. Awesome.

Anyway, if you haven't checked out Crash and Burn's website yet, be sure to do so! They're a rad shop located in L.A. with a rock n' roll inspired aethetic and have been featured everywhere from Refinery 29, Teen Vogue, on celebrities and fellow bloggers like Madeline, Sarah and Jessica. Readers of this blog can get 20% off their order by using the code "BENEATHTHEGLASS", which is good from now until 6/30. Their summer lookbook is looking pretty cool too, you can view it here.

I'm wearing:
Shorts- c/o Crash and Burn
Sweater- thrifted
Boots- thrifted
Bag- vintage