February 21, 2012

Behind the Scenes

Sorry for posting so late, I know everyone's curious about the photoshoot. For those who don't know yet, I was asked to be part of the Spring Lookbook for none other than Solestruck, juggernaut of cool shoes! Talk about being flattered....if you haven't heard of them yet (you must be living under a rock) be sure to check them out- they have a HUGE selection of the awesomest (there's that word again) and most unique shoes. They carry Jeffrey Campbell, Matiko, Dolce Vita, Sam Edelman and waaay more, plus they have a rad selection of vintage shoes as well. And they're just awesome. The lookbook is aptly named "ON THE ROAD", and features stops in 6 cities like L.A. and Vegas, and they were nice enough to make a stop in my itty bitty Yuba City (that rhymes!) to snap some shots. Originally, there was a whole concept sent to me for two different looks, but  part of the lookbook's theme was anything goes, and by the time they got to me things were a bit hectic and behind schedule, so we did things on the fly. I was supposed to scout out locations for them, but the night before I had sent a text to Ty telling them where to meet me, and casually mentioned as an afterthought, "It's a motorcycle shop".... well, apparently that was all we needed! They pulled "Whitney", the RV into our parking lot and we shot everything right there! Ty and Anna both showed up in Harley tees, which was awesome. They said they were sorta obsessed with my hair, and Anna asked if she could touch it, which I thought was funny! Mike was stoked because not only were we at the shop, but we also used the Mercury cruiser in some shots, as well as the knucklehead bike, which was pretty awesome! Here's a sneak peak- don't want to give too much away:

Although the looks weren't really what I expected because everything was sorta rushed, I loved everything. I gotta say, I could get used to being surrounded by amazing clothes, jewelry and shoes. The first outfit I'm wearing is an amazing Shakuhachi dress (loooove Shakuhachi, but way out of my budget, so it was nice to know what it feels like!) and Cheap Monday boots. Ironically, the first pair of boots I tried on are pretty darn similar to ones I just got from H&M, then found out they're owned by H&M, so no wonder. The spike necklace was pretty rad too, but I didn't get pics of it. The second dress was so me that when Cindy showed up, she thought I was wearing my own clothes...actually, the belt was mine...and I have the same tights, too. Pretty  much everything I had one was similar to things I own/wear.

The morning started out pretty bad for me. I missed my alarm clock, messed up my makeup twice, lost some fingernails in the process and was a nervous wreck. I had to take a muscle relaxer to calm me down. Luckily, Anna (stylist), Ty (creative director) and Matthew (photographer) were so nice and friendly that they totally made me feel at ease. To be honest, I hate having my picture taken (weird, being a style blogger, right?), so I thought I'd be totally awkward. But luckily they raved on about how good I was, that I was a natural, and so on, so I felt better. Of course, maybe they were saying that for my benefit, but were cringing behind my back, haha. Being a model is hard. I was twisting and contorting my body in ways not natural, and by the next day muscles ached in places I didn't know existed. I'm out of shape, clearly. All in all, it was such a blast and a great experience. The lookbook won't be out until sometime in March, so poor impatient me is going to have to wait! But in the meantime, not only did they give me that awesome Black Milk skirt, but I also get credit towards new shoes- YAY! They have such a huge selection though that I don't know how I'm ever going to decide.....

In other news, say hello to my newest sponsor, Tunnel Vision on my sidebar there.....the shop owned by mega babe bloggers Madeline of Jean Greige and Britney of Disarming Darling. You won't be sorry you stopped by, they're store is the epitome of cool, plus they're coming out with they own line, BAD VIBES, as well. Drool-worthy stuff there, check it out! Here's some pics from their gorgeous new lookbook- Shangri-La , featuring Taylor of Things on Hangers:

Amazing, right?

ps. which reminds me, I finally decided on a name for my store....now I just have to um, you know, work on it. But I have a name, that's a start, right?

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