November 16, 2011

Telltale Hearts Vintage x Beneath the Glass - Style Challenge #2

vintage velvet maxi dress
Dress- vintage, via Telltale Hearts Vintage; Shawl- Forever 21; Shoes- Jeffrey Campbell, Jewelry- misc. 

vintage velvet maxi dressvintage velvet maxi dressvintage velvet maxi dressvintage velvet maxi dressvintage velvet maxi dressvintage velvet maxi dressvintage velvet maxi dressvintage velvet maxi dress

If you read my previous post, then you know that the babes over at Telltale Hearts Vintage sent me a couple pieces from their store to style in my own way. Look #1 can be seen here and this is look #2. I absolutely love anything velvet (wait'll you see this rad teal velvet Betsey Johnson dress I got!), especially for fall/winter and have been building up a collection of pieces for my wardrobe, so I was stoked when I received this velvet maxi dress. Awesome, is it not? The great thing is that it's totally versatile, being black and everything. The burnout design gives it a rich, luxurious look and feel and it's so comfortable to wear- I wanted to sleep in it! Back to it's versatility though. I originally had a kinda gothic romantic look going, with a wide lacy choker and my red chunky boots. Then I had a sort of Free People style - wearing a long knit maxi cardigan and short booties with my boot harness. Finally I decided on a gypsy woman vibe, with the  shawl and tie dye boots. Loves it. Don't forget, readers of my blog get a 20% discount now through December 31st using the code BENEATHTHEGLASS, so get your ass over to their store and scoop up the good stuff before I do. I have one more pieces of theirs to style, so check back shortly!

I'm sure you noticed the new do, right? Decided to cut my bangs after hee-hawing about it for some time. I continually go through this routine of cutting my bangs, only to be annoyed by them immediately after, then suffer through the slow process of waiting for them to grow out again. Oh, and notice my hair is not completely "red" anymore, but more of a fuschia-pinkish shade? Yeah, that was by accident. I was trying to dye it a gorgeous lavender grapish color, but for some reason this was the result. Not the first time either. Last time I tried blue, cause I figured, blue and red make purple, right? Wrong. Came out brown last time. For some reason my hair is refusing to take to purple dye.Oh well, it's not like I don't like the pink, but I did it not that long ago and was looking for a change. Bummer.

Oh yeah, I also forgot to mention the fact that Mike about had an embolism when he saw me in this dress, and thus spent the rest of the day undressing me with his eyes and drooling. Now I know how to get his attention. And he also goes crazy when I wear leggings, believe it or not. Ladies, take note.

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ps. I'm sick now, of all things, so if some of this post was incoherent the sickness is to blame. I already had to go back and read/edit several times because I was leaving stuff out, mixing up words, etc.

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