November 9, 2011

Field of Daisies

Dress, belt and cardigan- vintage; Boots- Jeffrey Campbell; Shoe harness- DIY; cuff- Nastygal; Earrings- Forever 21; Rings-misc. Necklace- gift from son

These photos do not do this dress justice. Honestly the best sundress ever. I tried to capture the sheerness and the awesome way it flows and swirls around me, but it's hard when you're holding a remote trying to capture your shot. But trust, me it's amazing.

How about the location, huh? The minute I saw these haystacks I knew I wanted to do a shoot with them. Months later, though, my idea had yet to come to fruition, so I said to myself, "Self", I said, "today's dress would look awesome paired with those haystacks". And being the procrastinator/busy person I am, I didn't get out until the sun was going down. HOWEVER, if you have never sat on a haystack before, be forewarned it's about as comfy as sitting on a bed of nails. Oh, and add in the fact that it rained yesterday (something I neglected to take into consideration) and you have a spiky, musty and smelly haystack to sit on. Fun, fun. But all in the name of being a fashion blogger, right? And that metal thing? No clue as to its given use, but made for a cool pic, right? There's also a wall of haystacks which has a blue tarp and a random leather couch in front of it.....something to be implemented into a future shoot.

Ask me something! I'm putting together questions I get asked for a future post, so now's your time to get your curiosity fulfilled. You know you wanna. All the cool kids are doing it.

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