June 6, 2011

Doing Nothing Together

My sister Liana has been visiting me this weekend, which means I got nothing accomplished. We both turn into total slackers together, with bouts of hysterical laughing and nonsensical gibberish thrown in. It might seem from my previous posts that I'm quiet or serious, but in reality, I'm a huge dork and I readily admit it. I'm clumsy and laugh at the most childish humor. So these pics are a bit more true to life than usual, portraying my goofy and oddball side. So what did we do? Nap, read magazines, go through every bit of clothing I had (she purged my closet for me and got a new wardrobe in the process) watch Friends dvds, mourn our chocolate marshmallow cookies my dog ate, and of course, we went thrifting, where I scored awesomely. Oh and we had a random midnight dye job (which she refused to let me take pics of!) , attempting to turn her black hair into flaming red...by two o'clock in the morning, it was black....with some burgundy.Don't know why it didn't work, although it could've been the mix of fumes in the closet sized bathroom, late hour, and the fact that we do everything haphazardly and hope it comes out... which it didn't. All points of focus for next time. Speaking of, I finally found the turquoise hair dye I've been lusting after for awhile... but then I chickened out for some reason. I've had pretty much every color, so not sure why I'm hesitating. Thoughts? Should I take the plunge or go for a different color?

And I'm seriously still in love with this BB Dakota coat...one of my favorite purchases ever. Seriously.

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