June 21, 2011


Shorts/tank- Forever 21; Shoes- Topshop; Jewelry- random; Shades- vintage Ray Bans

Sooo.... someone must have pissed off Mother Nature, because all of a sudden it went from like, 80 degrees to 104 today. Ugh. I do not do well with heat whatsoever. I crap out around 75 degrees...anything beyond that and I'm pretty much mushbrained (is that a word? it is now). But for you, my lovely readers, I trekked out into the insufferable sweltering heat to take these photos. My insanely large glasses kept sliding down my face due to sweat. Sexy. And can I say what the hell is with strangers and personal space? It's not that hard a concept: I'm standing here, with my camera and tripod, clearly taking photographs- is it too much to ask for you (the stranger) to go somewhere else with your four kids, so they don't get in my picture? End mini rant.

Anyhoo...yesterday was kinda a  bummer. Had to give up my baby Lucy (my dog, not my real baby)  because we simply can't handle so many dogs. Also had to give away an ADORABLE calico kitten Mike found. But on the plus side.... we got a brand new 47" plasma flat screen tv for our bedroom! I know, way bigger then necessary, but seriously, we've had three tv's die on us in the last year, and so we decided to treat ourselves to the nicest one we could afford, since it's our first really nice tv. "Afford" being used loosely here, by the way. I'll spare you the details, but after four hours of bad luck, I think we earned the right to have jumbo sized entertainment in the bedroom. On the tv, I mean, haha. And it's mounted on this cool wall thingy that rotates around so I can watch it from my bathtub too. It so sounds like I'm addicted to television, but really, I'm not. Except at night when I watch it instead of sleeping, which Mike hates.

Last, but not least, my twinnie Liana has opened her own vintage/thrift store, Crystal Hearts Vintage, so show your support and check it out! And buy something. Or buy me something. She also has a badge you can put on your blog to show you're super cool. Like me. See what the heat is doing to me? I'm rambling on way longer than normal. Ok end of post. Stay cool.

Oh yeah, and how adorable are these ruffled shorts from Forever 21? They remind me of little girly bloomers :)

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