April 2, 2011

A Peek at What's to Come

Just some recent acquisitions. Been selling a lot of old clothing on ebay and have replenished my closet with new items for Spring, which I'm excited to show you guys soon. I have so many posts in my head I'm thinking about- outfits, DIY's, tutorials- that I find it hard to decide what to do next. Of course, the six pack of beer last night and the subsequent hangover today don't make thinking any easier. Went out for the first time in a long time since having Lia, and have been suffering the consequences all day since. Oh well, I had fun. And as Mike said, "I love drunk Suzy"... me too :)

So instead of doing something productive (I did one load of dishes and got a new high score on Angry Birds)I whiled away the day sipping 7-up, watching random bad tv and scouring the internet for inspiration. I mentioned I had an infected tooth and have been sick and on medicine ever since; on Wednesday I'm having said tooth extracted (fancy word for ripped out), so I'll be non compos mentis for a day or two...but I'll try to schedule a few posts tomorrow to get through the week. That is, if I can resist the call of Angry Birds.
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