April 29, 2011

Comings and Goings

my little bunny . . as she can't sit up by herself yet, this was quite a feat- she kept sliding facedown :)

from left to right: Hot Passion, Divine, Temptation and Siren- so seductive sounding! But they are AMAZING!!

played photographer at a biker meetup- can barely walk now I'm so sore, but riding on a bike is awesome

furry like a spider- but they don't freak me out!

love this shot, but wishing her grandma's arm hadn't made it in the pic! may have to try it again

loving different textures and fabrics- lace, leather, quilting, silk etc. shorts from Heritage 1981 and Forever 21

After being overwhelmed and stressed from trying to do everything at once and accomplishing nothing, I decided to relax this week and take a breather. Of course, that now puts me further behind than normal, so I'm not sure what good it did. But I got to go on a motorcycle ride, which is something I haven't gotten to do in over a year, and even though I can barely walk now, it was a gorgeous ride and the right pick me up I needed to start fresh next week.

Some of you requested I feature Lia more often and I'm only too happy too oblige. Allow me a moment of being completely biased so I can say I have the cutest daughter ever!

Cheers to a great weekend :)

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