April 14, 2011

Drown Me In A Sea of Blue

trenchcoatTrench coat-Storets; Shirt/dress and ring-Forever 21; Shoes-Dollhouse;

*sorry my photo quality is lacking in this post- as usual, I was pressed for time :(

trenchcoatSo as promised, I'm back with another post sooner than usual, the reason being is that I wanted to show you guys my trench coat and the weather was permitting. When I first purchased it, the weather was cold and raining, then all of a sudden it hit 82 degrees overnight (just my luck). I was bumming thinking I wasted my money on a coat I wouldn't be able to wear (well not really, since trench coats are always in style), but luckily the temperamental weather allowed me to wear it today. Thank God because I am loving this coat and it's faux leather sleeves, a nice twist on a classic wardrobe staple. I'm considering studding it with gold spikes a la Burberry, but I'm nervous I'll mess it up, so I'm not sure. What do you guys think, should I take the chance? Either way, this is probably the closest to a Burberry coat I'll ever own.

trenchcoatThis Forever 21 top (worn as a dress on lil ol' me) combines my current love of watercolor prints with bright blues and sheer flowing fabrics. I'm absolutely infatuated with my nail color; it's by Sally Hansen and I believe it's called "Color me blue". Indeed you can.

Now for cuteness overload . . . . here's the puppies Sadie had recently. The chubby white one is my fave so far because he looks different than the rest of them. He's a porker though. We'd be good friends.

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