April 11, 2012

This So-Called Life

In my humble opinion, nothing goes better than plaid and a leather biker jacket, am I right? I've been in a total nostalgic mood lately, watching My So-Called Life, Saved by the Bell and listening to No Doubt (Tragic Kingdom is still one of my favorite albums) and Fiona Apple. Gwen Stefani was an icon to me and the whole 90's era has permanently stuck with me- I don't think I'll ever be influenced by another time period like the 90's. What about you? Who were  your inspirations or influences?

Speaking of iconic and biker jackets, here's my dream jacket:

Um, hello?? Leopard print, spikes and a biker jacket- of course the geniuses behind the label UNIF would come up with it- my question is, what took so damn long? Now I need to figure out where I'm going to get $300+. I wonder how much I could get for my kidney. . . .

jacket- vintage
dress- Forever 21
hat-  Nastygal
feather earring- Aldo
chain harness: Asos
silver bracelet- H&M
Egyptian cuff- Ebay
boots: thrifted