April 2, 2012

Lucky Me

My newest sponsor, Lucky Vintage, sent me this gorgeous jacket and I am so in love with it!! Check them out here, they have an awesome selection of vintage and are super nice to deal with. I have an obsession with oversized, baggy layering pieces and sweaters, prints and bold colors. This fulfills all three. Mixed with my velvet dress, lace up boots (got quite a fascination with knee high lace up footwear lately, as evident by my last three outfit posts), bag and earrings, I got kinda a boho hippie vibe going on here. Which I happen to love. 70's music is my favorite genre- along with 90's of course; Tragic Kingdom (No Doubt) is still one of my favorite albums. I wanted to be Gwen Stefani and Shirley Manson (from Garbage).  And Fiona Apple (who's still performing, in case anyone's wondering). And Jane from Daria. And Rayann Graff from "My So-Called Life". It's hard to say which era I would've liked more. By the way, "My So-Called Life" is on Netflix now. Life is good. Now I just need the Daria dvd set and life will be complete. It's a nice distraction while measuring store inventory. As if I needed more distractions, right?

A big thank you to my lovely Mike who helped take these photos. You get the good loving tonight- no tv or nothing, you earned it. TMI?

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I'm wearing: jacket- Lucky Vintage
dress: Forever 21
boots: Urban Outfitters (on sale for $20!)
bag: vintage
jewelry: misc. thrift/vintage/Target