August 23, 2011


leopard print
Vest- thrifted; Leopard top- Nordstroms; Shoes/Leather shorts -Forever 21; Scarf- Hot Topic
leopard printleopard printleopard printleopard printleopard print

1. Went to IKEA for the first time with my MIL- and it's now my favorite store. I could literally live in there. Their showroom is awesome and filled me with inspiration. It was actually so overwhelming I didn't know what to buy, so ended up leaving with two shelves and a dish rack. Exciting, huh? But now I know what they have so I can plan around that.

2. Do my pics look better? They should, because I treated myself to an upgrade and bought a Canon 60D...which is amazing! I have to get used to the different features and it was hotter then hell out, so I took these ones as fast as possible, but I'm looking forward to taking better ones when I have more time. It also shoots HD video, which is great for when I'm taking pics of Lia; I hate running to get the video camera when I'm also taking pics. Of course, as luck would have it, Mike broke my zoom lens, so now all I have is my 50mm. Oh well, I'm still totally stoked on the camera. I sold my old one to my MIL and I'm having fun (so is she) teaching her to use it.

3.I'm preparing to open my own vintage store soon! So excited to finally do it. I'm still debating on a name though; initially, I wanted to name it Lia Rose Vintage, after my daughter, but now I'm considering keeping it Beneath the Glass Vintage, that way I can combine the blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc. without having to create new ones. Thoughts? I'm having an exceptionally hard time not keeping some of the pieces of collected though.

4. Still in the process of redecorating/painting my bedroom, but I think I have it figured out. Just got some nice nightstands and lamps, and my closets pretty much done, so movin' on. I think I'm going with gray walls. Sounds drab, but it won't be, I swear.

All for now, cheers!

ps. after looking over these photos, clearly I need to clean all the glass windows and tables!

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