August 3, 2011


Dress-Marshall's; Blouse- H&M; Hat, jewelry- Forever 21; Shoes- Nine West

I'm getting a late start to blogging this week due to my overwhelming urge to reorganize my closet, thus pulling out everything and ending up with a maelstrom of clothing, shoes, books and the like strewn everywhere. Now I'm having a hard time finding anything.

This outfit came about by accident. Couldn't decide what I wanted to wear and was giving up on the idea of a post, but then picked this dress off the floor (hence the wrinkles), decided to pair the blouse over it, and so on. It's weird how outfits come together when you least expect them to. And I love mixing prints together.

Thanks to everyone who entered my giveaway- I'll be contacting the winner shortly.

Oh, and since you love me sooo much, y'all wanna do me a favor and vote for me on Solestruck's Facebook page? It'll only take a second, but my gratitude will last forever. Winner gets a free pair of shoes. As if I needed more. Oh wait, I do.

Hope everyone's week is awesome so far!

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