June 2, 2010

Now You Know A Little More

What a weird summer we're having. One day it's sunny, the next day we're having thunderstorms with hail. Mother Nature must be PMSing or something. But luckily I still have the opportunity to wear my cozy sweaters, namely this long, hobo-esque number. I love wrapping myself up in it or simply letting it fall from my shoulders. I try to pair it with more attractive pieces so as to not give the impression that I am homeless. Does it work? Doesn't really matter, it's comfy. I also wanted to show off my amazing bracelet that my wonderful in-laws gave to me. Each bead and charm is handcrafted and they have a whole array to choose from so you can customize according to your likes. Aren't they the sweetest? I'm a lucky girl. And didja notice the bangs? Mike convinced me to go back to them. And now they're driving me nuts. When will I ever learn? Probably never.

For those who are curious to know more about me, or simply those who are bored with nothing better to do, I've come up with a random list of facts about yours truly. Feel free to contact me with any musings you may have.

1. I am an identical twin. Yup, check out my sister Liana at Beauty Bag 411.

2. I was born in South Korea, but was adopted and grew up in the US. I finally met my biological mother (and older sister I wasn't aware of) in August of 2009. Total Oprah moment at the airport.

3. Favorite food(s): this is a tough one. I swear I could live on spaghetti (or any pasta really), salad, cold shrimp with ketchup, Korean food, gummy bears, and garlic. I have an obsession with garlic, and it usually makes its way into everything I cook. You don't wanna stand too close to me. I'm not at all picky about food, and will eat just about everything.

4. My favorite tv shows are Friends, The Office, Family Guy, and Everybody Loves Raymond. I watch these shows repeatedly on dvd. In fact, I play them while I go to sleep at night.

5. I love reading more than anything and I go through books like nobody's business. I'll read just about everything, but have yet to get interested in romance novels.

6. As much as I love clothing, fashion, etc., I'm really more of a guy's girl and than a girly girl.

7. I'm a huge dork. That's pretty much all there is to it.

8. I'm a sometimes artist who doesn't practice like I should. Art is probably the one thing I do the best, and I need to develop it more. I guess I would literally be a "starving artist" if I chose that as my profession.

9. Although you wouldn't know by looking at me, I'm 27 years old. Not 18 like most people think.

10. I'm only 5' tall. I like to think of myself as "vertically challenged" or "fun size", rather than "short".

My tummy's saying "feed me" so that's all the nonsense I can think of for now.

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