June 8, 2010

Frankie Say Relax

As usual, getting a late start with the blogging. But in my defense, I've had a hectic time lately. My twinnie Liana decided to surprise me by visiting a couple days with her son, Aden. And at the same time, my niece and nephew happened to come up for a visit as well. Let's just say, four kids at a water park, riding a 3 wheeler and running around is enough to wipe anyone out.

My sis and I were planning on doing a photo shoot together because our mom wants some nice photos of together. However, that was not to be. 90 degree weather, two kids running around with dogs and poor lighting do not a good photo make. So maybe I'll photoshop our heads onto some stock photos, haha. Stop by Liana's blog, Beauty Bag 411; she's having a summer giveaway so check it out.

I'm on the left...I think ;)

And for those wondering the results of the contest, the lovely Jenna of The Petite Blogger ultimately won, although the other girls did great as well. So be sure to congratulate her! And thanks to everyone who participated.

And finally, I don't normally post pics of kids and stuff, but I had to post 1. my adorable nephew Aden, who has finally started calling me "Auntie", 2. My son Austin at the water park, this pic makes me melt. And 3-4 pics of his kindergarten graduation....I almost shed a tear I was so proud! Oh, and he also had his first motorcycle ride the same day. My boy's all grown up, haha. Aww :(

I have two doctor's appointments tomorrow, including my ultrasound- keep your fingers crossed that they can see if it's a girl!!

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