May 17, 2012

Color Spectrum

I'm baaaaccckk! I know you all missed me horribly, haha, and I apologize for my absence and delay in responding to comments, emails, etc. I've been going through some personal issues lately and just needed a break for awhile. But I think I'm getting back on track finally, and hopefully can get caught up on all the things I've been lagging on.

So, notice the new hair? Yeah, it has undergone quite a few changes in the last month. First, the ends were bleached and although parts of it were a cool silvery platinum, my hair never comes out evenly, so I chose to dye over it a pretty turquoise color. Unfortunately, turquoise is hard to maintain and when it faded it was this awful puke green color in parts, with bright turquoise in other spots. So I ended up fading it from black, to purple, and to blue. The ends were originally a fuschia, but I didn't like the results, so I dyed over them with blue, thinking it would come out another shade of purple, since, well, blue and red make purple I figured blue and fuschia would come out purple-y. Well, I was wrong, it came out blue. But I'm happy with the results, finally! I love how vibrant it is and how it varies in tones throughout my head. But if my hair could talk, it would be spewing out a slew of expletives from all the destruction I've done to it lately.  Sorry hair, I'll make it up to you with a loving regimen of deep conditioning and refraining from heat. So will you please stick around for awhile and not fall out and split (pun intended)?

Okay.....moving on to the style portion of this post, since this is supposed to be a style related blog, is it not? I've owned this gorgeous watercolor-esque kimono blouse for some time and can't believe I'm just now getting around to wearing it! I originally obsessed over it on the Asos website when it was around the $200 price range; luckily for me, it finally went on sale and I was able to snag it for around $60! Yes, sometimes being patient does actually pay off. For me, that usually only comes into play when purchasing something. I will wait forever for something to go on sale, rather than pay full price for it. Come to think of it, I rarely EVER pay full retail price on anything- I bargain shop like a madwoman, looking for sales or discount codes. I also scour the internet doing comparison shopping as much as possible to score the best deal, which almost always pays off. The only time I ever pay full price is if it's already at a decent price point, or if it's something I absolutely can't live without and I can consider it an investment piece. But mostly I buy secondhand- my closet is about 80% thrifted/vintage and the rest is comprised of retail items bought on sale.

Anyways, back to the outfit. I'm thinking about dying this tank top as well, but haven't decided on colors yet. And the boots! Leopard print velvety knee high boots! Someone had me in mind when they came up with these babies.

Well, that's about all I can muster up for now. After being absent for such a long time, I find it hard to actually get back into "blogging" mode. I even had a hard time remembering how to set my camera up! That'll teach me to disappear again. Lesson learned.

I'm wearing:
kimono blouse- Asos
crochet tank- can't remember (Marshall's?)
faux leather shorts- Forever 21
boots- vintage
jewelry- ebay, Target, Forever 21, random

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