August 20, 2012

We Interrupt This Program. . . .

. . . . to inform you there will be a disruption of outfit posts for a short while. Ha, as if there hasn't been an inconsistent lack of them already. But seriously though, my camera's busted. Yeah, I know, what's a fashion blogger to do?? Mike accidentally ran it over on his motorcycle and it's all smashed up. Luckily, I was able to send it to Canon's service center and they'll hopefully be able to put a new body on it, if not- well them I'm screwed. No, if they can't fix it I'll just have to buy another one- and not let Mike touch it. He already broke a really nice lens I had as well. Someone's using a plastic camera from now on. Or a disposable one.

We had an awesome weekend though. Actually, it was the weekend before this previous one. We went to a weekend campout/ride hosted by our friends' local mc shop; let me tell ya, it was one of the most fun weekends I've had in a long time. Lots of bike shops, friends, killer food, etc. It was hot as hell though; I swear I sweated off at least 5 lbs. So worth it though! And on Saturday we had a great ride, then stopped by a lake and everyone cooled off, then hopped back on the bikes and rode to a restaurant/bar, then back to the campsite for another night of debauchery. So much fun! Wish I could've had pictures, but well, see the above for why I don't. 

In about two weeks we have another mc event to go to, which I'm super stoked about. This last one I literally didn't  pack until last minute, so I ended up in cutoffs and a tank the whole weekend. But, if I had more time I would've thrown together some better outfits. I mean, you wanna look cool on the motorcycle, right? Haha, doesn't really matter. But if I could, I would have put together something like below:

Untitled #21

Untitled #22

Miss Selfridge corset bra top / Genuine leather jacket, $3,235 / Balmain low rise pants / Fiorentini + Baker black chunky heels / Punk jewelry / Nelly Accessories ankle bracelet, $23 / Friis & Company plastic ring, $9.23 / Spiked choker necklace / Sunglasses / NARS Cosmetics nail polish

We now return you to your regularly scheduled program.

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July 9, 2012

Born Free

I'm baaaack!! I know, another long, unexplained absence. I swear, there's been so much crap happening this year for some reason. Every time things calm down, the shit hits the fan again, ugh. This time around it was Lia getting a massive ear infection, resulting in numerous (like, 8 at least) swollen lymph nodes all over her head and neck, followed by an allergic reaction to her antibiotics, culminating in a severe body rash. Poor girl was NOT happy. But she's all better now, thankfully. We also just got back from L.A. (ok, that's a lie, been back for about a week now) where we went to attend the Born Free motorcycle show as vendors. I had an awesome time, but it was a long amount of driving, being out in the sun, hotel rooms and we also lost two trailer tires on the way home. But I had a blast!! I was also incredibly drained of energy from lack of sleep and too much sun. The pics below pretty much sum up how I felt- lazy and lethargic. Excuse all the odd faces I'm making, apparently I get loopy in the sun.