October 21, 2011


Shirt- Free People, Shorts/Bag- Forever 21, Boots- Jeffrey Campbell; Jewelry- Misc.

This is one of my favorite outfits and one that reflects my day to day style- comfortable, loose, but with bright color and unique detailing. People tend to think that "basics" or "comfortable" clothing has to consist of sweats, plain solid colors, etc... but nowadays, there are plenty of options which can work in a pinch to run errands in, yet still look stylish- unless you happen to like the sweatpants- Uggs- Juicy Couture hoodie combo, a la Pam Anderson and celebrities alike.  Isn't the bag to die for? Forever 21 really nailed it with this one: the boldly colored beading with a Moroccan flair totally caught my eye and insisted on being mine. Plus it relieves me of the potential 5 lbs of junk I tend to accumulate in my bags.

Did you see I actually did my hair??? Yes, time has ceased to exist and hell has frozen over. No, but seriously, everyone asks me why I never do my hair (politely of course), and I have no good excuse other than pure laziness. But I made a solemn vow to correct that, so expect to see more braids, curls and whatever else I can dream up. Oddly enough though, my french braids are always inside out on myself.... which I happen to like. I've also been into nail art lately- you can't see very well, but I did this ikat-ombre effect, which actually turned out pretty cool, if I do say so myself. Which I do.

Oh, and see my new little shoe harness? Actually you can't see it very well, I accidentally deleted the big picture of it. But yeah, I made that myself. Nothing special, but adds a neat little touch to these otherwise simple booties. I've been on a MAJOR crafting mode, wanting to make clothing, jewelry, etc. I have a new project I hope to get going soon as well. Yeah, as if I needed MORE projects to occupy my time. On top of that, I'm considering returning to work part time, simply so I can pay down some debt and get some money saved up for my various projects.  JoAnn's Fabrics (my local fabric store) is  hiring, which I thought would be cool so I could get a discount on all my supplies. But Forever 21 keeps asking me to come back too, so we'll see, I guess.

ps. on another blogging note, our motorcycle blog for our business got added to ChopCult, which is a HUGE motorcycle site consisting of other blogs, forums, etc- it's way cool and really going to help our business pick up! So stoked to be included there!

pss. really itching to get a nose ring, but can't decide if I wanna lose the eyebrow piercing. I don't want both at the same time, though, so help me decide! just take two seconds (maybe three) to clickety click on the poll on the right to add your vote.

psss. ha, sounds like I'm whispering now, psss, get it? anyhoo, if you have any questions for me, like where I shop, style questions, how I got to be so awesome, etc, shoot them my way, as I'm planning a "get to know me" post soon.

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